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Socializing in English training

“Success in any field, but especially in business is
about working with people, not against them”
Keith Ferrazzi

This training is for those who want to build good relationships with international clients and colleagues. Whether you are at a business diner, an exhibition stand, showing a visitor around your company or attending an event after work – you need to be able to make conversation in an appropriate and confident way in order to establish and maintain successful business relationships.

Program Overview 
  • Making contact. Making arrangement via email. Meeting visitors on arrival. Talking about the weather. Talking about plans.
  • Welcoming visitors to your company. Talking about the company and the offices. Offering visitors refreshments. Giving directions in a building. Introducing a visitor.
  • Getting acquainted. Making small talk before a meeting. Talking about free-time activities. Talking about personal possessions. Talking about travel and places you visited. Following up a visit with email.
  • Entertaining a visitor. Showing a visitor around a town. Talking about the place where you live. Recommending things to do and places to see. Giving directions in a town or city.
  • Eating out. Making small talk in restaurant. Deciding what to order. Talking about family and relationships. Talking about education. Thanking somebody for a meal.
  • Networking. Starting a conversation with a stranger. Talking about your company. Talking about products. Trying out new small-topics. Following up a new contact via email.

The duration of the training is 1 day (8 hours)