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Negotiating in English training

In business, you don’t get what you deserve,
you get what you negotiate.

Chester L. Karrass

Negotiating is very much a key communication skill for all business people. Negotiating effectively promises some of the biggest prizes of all communication skills – the right deal for the company, a budget increase, even a day off work. This skill requires the negotiator to be competent in all key communication and language skills and to always perform under pressure.

This training aims to develop the skills and language to negotiate effectively in English, whether internally within an organization or externally with business partners; in a team or individually.

Program Overview

  • Types of negotiation.
  • Preparation and making opening introductions.
  • Setting the agenda. Structuring and controlling the negotiation process.
  • Establishing positions. Presenting your positions. Getting feedback.
  • Clarifying positions. Active listening. Effective questioning.
  • Managing conflict. Avoiding personal criticism.
  • Making and responding to proposals.
  • Bargaining and making concessions. Maintaining positive communication. Exerting pressure and making conditions.
  • Conclusion and agreement. Summarizing and agreeing follow-up. Win-win versus win-lose. Concluding and closing. Closing the negotiating.
  • Cultural differences. Task versus person-orientation. Organic versus systematic. Direct versus indirect. Individuals versus teams. Conflict versus collaboration. Win-win versus win-lose.

The duration of the training is 1 day (8 hours)