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Telephoning in English

The way you present yourself on the phone
can leave lasting impressions of you and your

Telephoning is one of the most important types of business communication. It is also one of the most difficult areas of communication because we can't see the other speaker and so listening is especially important. Moreover, communicating in English on the phone is a great challenge for non-native speakers. Our training is aimed at helping participants to break the language barrier, to sound confident, positive and effective on the phone and to employ the language and techniques of effective telephone communication.

Program Overview

  • Peculiarities of telephoning in English.
  • Phone call structure and stages.
  • Making phone calls. Answering phone calls.
  • Handling phone calls. Placing on hold. Taking and leaving messages. Asking for repetition and clarifying. Transferring calls.
  • Phone calls with customers and colleagues. Inviting people.  Making appointments. Confirming arrangements. Conference calls.
  • Commercial Phone Calls. Placing an order.
  • Solving problems. Complaining and handling complains on the phone.
  • Telephone etiquette. Telephone manner. Sounding friendly and polite.
The duration of the training is 1 day (8 hours)