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Meetings in English

It is said that the world is run by those
willing to sit until the end of meetings.
Hugh Park

Most business people need to participate in meetings of different types and therefore they should be equipped with essential communication and language skills. The participants will get acquainted with the key stages of meetings, from preparation through to decision-making and follow-up action. The aim of the training is to develop both competence and confidence in variety of situations during business meetings.

Program Overview 

  • Types of meetings.
  • Starting a meeting. Welcoming the participants. Introducing participants. Asking participants to introduce themselves. Giving details about yourself. Establishing the purpose of the meeting.
  • Taking part in the meeting. Asking for comments. Interrupting. Dealing with interruption.
  • Stating and asking for opinion. Agreeing and disagreeing. Asking for and giving clarification
  • The structure of decision making process. Making decisions. Conducting a decision making meeting. Delaying decisions
  • Discussing solutions to problems. Making suggestions. Conducting a problem solving meeting.
  • Dealing with offers. Offers and conditions. Asking for time to consider. Accepting an offer. Rejecting an offer
  • Proposing and voting. Making a formal proposal. Support for a formal proposal. Putting an issue to a vote. Saying that you don’t want to take part in a vote
  • Ending the meeting. Confirming what the meeting has decided. Saying that it’s time to close a meeting. Thanking someone for a meeting.
The duration of the training is 1 day (8 hours)